Homeowner Associations

homeowner association management

Community Realty Management provides customized homeowner association management services and condo association management services to enhance your community with the highest level of service and unparalleled industry experience.

Our experts manage your community’s association within the confines of the governing documents, to support the goals of the association’s Board of Directors. Our goal is to guide the Board of Directors to understand the impact of business decisions, and how those decisions may affect the financial health of the homeowner association. We help you maximize on collection of homeowner association revenues, including association dues and special assessments.  CRM is service oriented and offers a depth of maintenance knowledge and reliable vendor support.

In addition, CRM provides the following services to encourage your association to function most effectively:

  • Comprehensive, accurate financial reports tailored to the association’s specific needs
  • Attendance of regular and annual homeowner association meetings
  • Assistance with delinquency issues
  • Regular property visits and timely maintenance supervision of common areas
  • Insurance placement and risk management services

CRM will create a unique set of homeowner association management services and condo association management services to fit the needs of your association, in order to help you maximize your property value and see the asset appreciate in value.

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